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If you live in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area, run a search for your new dog below using the Animal League's PetFetch search. The pets on our website represent just a small number of the animals we have available for adoption on a daily basis. The Animal League often has purebred and small dogs available for adoption but these animals are often adopted before the site is updated once a week.

If you do not find exactly what you're searching for on our website, come down to the Animal League. With hundreds of pets available for adoption, you're sure to find one that will steal your heart.

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Primary Breed:
  Name Breed Gender Size Age
AmosAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixMaleMediumYoung
BanditLabrador Retriever MixFemaleMediumAdult
BeeSharpei MixFemaleMediumAdult
BellaLabrador Retriever MixFemaleMediumYoung
BenjiAustralian Cattle Dog/Collie MixMaleMediumYoung
BiscuitChow Chow/Akita MixMaleMediumYoung
CaesarGreat Dane/German Shepherd MixMaleLargeYoung
CocoRetriever/Greyhound MixFemaleMediumAdult
CookieLabrador Retriever/Border Collie MixFemaleMediumYoung
CostanzaGerman Shepherd/Terrier MixMaleMediumYoung
CuervoLabrador Retriever MixMaleLargeSenior
CynthiaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixFemaleMediumAdult
DeclanHound MixMaleMediumYoung
DenverHound MixMaleLargeYoung
DexterLabrador Retriever MixMaleMediumYoung
DominoPointer MixFemaleMediumSenior
DreidelDachshund/Terrier MixFemaleSmallAdult
DukeLabrador Retriever/Terrier MixMaleLargeYoung
EdinaHound MixFemaleMediumYoung
EffieGreat Pyrenees MixFemaleLargeYoung Adult
EliHound MixMaleMediumYoung
FrisbeeCollie/Hound MixMaleMediumYoung
GilliganCairn Terrier MixMaleSmallYoung
HuckAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixMaleMediumYoung
HueyPointer/Great Dane MixMaleLargeYoung
IvanGerman Shepherd MixMaleMediumSenior
JackAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixMaleMediumYoung
JacksonPointer MixMaleMediumYoung
JeterHound/Collie MixMaleMediumAdult
KatoLabrador Retriever/Hound MixMaleMediumYoung
KendallLabrador Retriever/Terrier MixFemaleMediumAdult
KingGerman Shepherd/American Pit Bull Terrier MixMaleMediumYoung
KingstonAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixMaleMediumYoung
LanceTerrier MixMaleMediumAdult
LouiePlott Hound MixMaleLargeYoung Adult
LouieGiant Schnauzer/Terrier MixMaleLargeYoung
LouieCorgi MixMaleSmallAdult
LuckyDachshund MixMaleMediumYoung
LuluAustralian Cattle Dog MixFemaleLargeYoung
MarniePointer/Terrier MixFemaleMediumYoung
MaxAustralian Cattle Dog MixMaleMediumYoung
MaxGerman Shepherd MixMaleMediumAdult
MickHound MixMaleLargeYoung
MimoLabrador Retriever/Hound MixMaleMediumYoung
MitsoHound MixMaleMediumAdult
MurphyTerrier MixMaleMediumYoung
NeoTerrier MixMaleMediumAdult
NeoLabrador Retriever/Pointer MixMaleLargeYoung
NibblesAustralian Cattle Dog/Hound MixFemaleMediumYoung
NoelleAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixFemaleMediumYoung
OakleyHound/Labrador Retriever MixFemaleMediumAdult
OreoHound MixMaleMediumYoung
OskarHound MixMaleLargeYoung
OzzieLabrador Retriever MixMaleMediumYoung
PaxtonGerman Shepherd/Labrador Retriever MixMaleLargeYoung
PebblesTerrier MixFemaleMediumYoung
PhoenixLabrador Retriever/Great Dane MixMaleLargeAdult
PippinBoxer MixFemaleMediumYoung
RoyLabrador Retriever MixMaleMediumYoung
RubyGerman Shepherd/Hound MixFemaleMediumYoung
RupertTerrier MixMaleMediumYoung
SampsonNewfoundland/ Border Collie MixMaleLargeYoung
ShadowLabrador Retriever MixMaleLargeYoung Adult
ShepKorean Jindo Dog/Shiba Inu MixMaleMediumYoung
SimbaTerrier/Hound MixMaleMediumYoung
SkyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixFemaleMediumYoung
TeddyBoston Terrier MixMaleMediumYoung
TicklesTerrier MixMaleMediumYoung
ToastMiniature PoodleMaleSmallAdult
VioletAmerican Pit Bull Terrier MixFemaleMediumAdult
WinnieAustralian Cattle Dog MixFemaleMediumYoung
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